Convert Table to Interactive Excel Worksheet for Questionnaire

interactive excel questionnaire

We have converted multiple choice personality-style questionnaire from Word document into fully programmed Excel/VBA and HTML/JavaScript solution.

02.12.2019, Goran Dolenc
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A client from Australia has reached us for the following job:

I have a multiple choice personality-style questionnaire that is currently just a word doc that I would like converted to an excel spreadsheet that delivers the final results based on the answers given. I have all the parameters and questions, the score of each answer, the formula to create the results and the output format required. It doesn't have to be a complex design, just a basic layout that can deliver a result to the user.

This is how the original Word document looked like:

This is a print screen of Excel setup:

Here is how we have setup the questionnaire in Excel that user fills:

And here you can see final result on separate Excel sheet, once the user answers all the questions: