excel fill word template

Fill Word Template With Data From Excel

17.12.2019, Goran Dolenc

We have built a VBA tool which feeds predefined Word template equipped with bookmarks with data from Excel table.

excel calculator

Simple Excel Upload/ Download Times Calculator

12.12.2019, Goran Dolenc

We have build a simple calculator using Excel that calculates the upload and download times for files over a satellite network ASE 9700.

excel to xml

Creation of XML Files From Excel

07.12.2019, Goran Dolenc

We created Excel tool that generates XML files from combining a constant part with values from Excel. These files are invoices for Amazon.

excel vba import img from url

Develop Excel Macro to Show Images from Online URL

06.12.2019, Goran Dolenc

We integrated image import from cell URL. Whenever cell value changes, old image is deleted and fresh image is imported into target range properly sized and positioned.

interactive excel questionnaire

Convert Table to Interactive Excel Worksheet for Questionnaire

02.12.2019, Goran Dolenc

We have converted multiple choice personality-style questionnaire from Word document into fully programmed Excel/VBA and HTML/JavaScript solution.